ABT Audi AS4 Cabriolet (2003)

cardetail.ir : All good things come in threes: following the big success of the Abt AS4 Limousine and the Abt AS4 Avant, Abt Sportsline now presents the latest member of the AS4 family with the Abt AS4 Cabriolet. The airy four-seater is quite something. The joy of life that is typical for a cabriolet has been combined with sporting power made by Abt Sportsline. The result turned out to be a fun-to-drive car, over 240 km/h fast and open to everything. No matter if a drive in the sunshine on the country road or a fast motorway journey – with the Abt AS4 Cabriolet, there are no limits.

How much engine power does a cabriolet need? Mere figures are no sufficient answer to this question. The ideal power unit for open driving first and foremost has to be sovereign. The six-cylinder engine of the Abt AS4 Cabriolet definitely is. The engine management of the 162 kW (220 hp) strong production machine has been modified by Abt Sportsline. Moreover, the three-litre unit has been fitted with a supercharger. Should the driver cry for performance, the Abt engine with its massive torque has plenty of it, in all rev ranges. If desired, 213 kW (290 hp) are available. All of this pleasantly unnoticed, but still with significant presence.

According to the motto “not obtrusive, but effective”, the Abt suspension works with modified springs, lowering the distinctive body by 35-40 mm. Especially on twisty country roads, the lowered centre of gravity pays off. The AS4 Cabriolet handles quick changes of direction with lightness.

But the Abt AS4 Cabriolet doesn’t just have a sporty side to it. An appealing elegance is also part of the package. Abt Sportsline emphasizes the exciting design with an Abt chrome kit for the front air intake and the front grille. When approaching the Abt AS4 Cabriolet from behind, the decently-styled rear wing is the first thing that meets the eye. The Abt four-pipe rear muffler with painted panels will only be identified at second glance. In the interior, Abt floor mats create a sporty atmosphere. The steering wheel with integrated airbag, made up of six segments at a diameter of 360 millimetres, is a reference to motorsport. There are three leather and three carbonfibre parts and also incorporates a device for selecting the six levels of the multitronic-gearbox.

Obviously, the Abt AS4 Cabriolet is equipped with Abt sport wheels with the classical five-spoke design. In the case of the open four-seater, they are of the SP1 type, 8.5×19 inch with wide ContiSportContact tyres in 235/35 R19 size. With the wheel rim, declining flat to the inside, and the Abt ring with double holes, the SP1, casted in one piece, sets technical and optical highlights. To celebrate the win of the DTM-title, the SP1 has been fitted with silver DTM Champion 2002 wheel caps.