ABT Audi allroad quattro (2002)

cardetail.ir : It glides on water, it cuts through deep snow like a scooter and it hangs under a paraglider in the air: In its maiden role in Bogner’s movie “Mountain Magic” the Audi allroad quattro demonstrated spectacular and undreamt-of talent. But, for the team at Abt Sportsline it was still not enough: The world’s leading Audi and VW tuning company, based in Bavaria, took the allroad quattro and added even more sportive touches.

Freedom without compromise – this philosophy wholeheartedly embodies the allroad quattro, combining the comfort and dynamics of a top class vehicle with the all-terrain qualities of a thoroughbred off-roader. Unique to the Audi is its four level air suspension. Both axles feature separate air suspension struts monitored via height sensors, providing the ideal ground clearance for off-road use, as well as optimal aerodynamics for faster highway sections.

Choices for power units of the allroad quattro are between a 2.7-litre bi-turbo V6 with 184 kW (250 hp) or a 2.5-litre V6 TDI with 132 kW (180 hp). However, for the Abt Sportsline team – who are used to handling the 450 hp racing cars contesting the DTM (German Touring Car Masters) – this is simply not enough. With an optimized electronic engine management the engineers now push the TDI-engine up to 154 kW (210 hp), the bi-turbo-version is increased up to 213 kW (290 hp) or even 265 kW (360 hp) and 510 Newtonmetres. The permanent all-wheel-drive optimally transfers the power in every situation and on all terrain.

The clearance between the body and ground can be adjusted to four levels – from 208 to 142 millimetres – simply by pushing a button in the cockpit. With stunning sports wheels from the House of Abt Sportsline, the car’s appearance is striking. For the allroad quattro, the 7,5 x 17 inch A23, the 8,5 x 18 inch A25 single-piece cast sports rims and the two-piece A26 are available – also delivered, of course, as a complete wheel fitted with appropriate tyres. Not only do the rims display top craftsmanship, they are also designed for optimal weight and the best possible handling.

Beside the Abt front grill with its two struts, the team from Abt Sportsline also paid great attention to the interior. Abt aluminium parts and elegant fittings crafted from fine napa leather continue the classical look on the inside. With its spectacular appearance, the super sports star also proved its total reliability. At the end of filming, movie director and fashion designer Willy Bogner gave the allroad quattro his wholehearted seal of approval. “During the entire making of the movie we didn’t experience a single problem with the allroad quattro – even though the strains on the car were enormous. And luckily, the Audi didn’t put on the airs and graces of a star.”